Sun Safety: How to Protect Your Skin & Your Gut

While getting a healthy dose of sunshine can be beneficial, getting too much sun can be harmful to your skin, your hair, and as you may have guessed it—your gut. Read this article to dive into sun safety, how to protect your skin, and a few foods you can eat to promote healthy skin and a happy gut. Read more ›

Panel Discussion: Hormones and Gut Health

Our founder, Lexi Aiassa, teamed up with Veracity Selfcare for a live panel discussion that sheds light on hormone health and change the narrative of what it means to be “hormonal.” Watch to learn about all things hormones and gut health. Read more ›

You Are NOT Your Hormones

Whether you're a little moody, suffering from PMS, or you're experiencing a pesky breakout, you may be inclined to blame hormones. And while your hormone levels could be the culprit of your out-of-whackness, have you ever wondered why? Read this article to learn all things hormones. Read more ›

Why Confidence and Travel Should Go Hand-in-Hand

We're all for enjoying new dishes when you travel. What we aren't here for: uncomfortable digestive issues while you're on a vacation. That's why we recommend that you travel with Confidence. Get the most nutrients out of each morsel consumed and improve your overall digestion. Learn why Confidence is the perfect travel companion this summer.

Read more ›

Confident Human: Sarah Gabrielle

Get to know Confident Human, Sarah Gabrielle.  Read more ›

The Importance of Social Wellness

Social wellness refers to the relationships we build with our family, friends, romantic partners, colleagues, peers, and community—both online and in-person. Equally as important is how you interact and respond to your social circle. With this in mind, we've put together a list of five ways that you can check-in with your own social wellness. Read more ›

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