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We believe that your gut should be your friend, not your foe. 
We all talk about gut health, but what does gut health actually mean or better yet what does a healthy gut actually feel like?
So let's talk about it. For us, gut health means and feels like:
✓ Our immune system is highly functioning.

✓ Optimal digestion of the foods we eat.

✓ Increased and consistent energy levels. 

✓ Feeling light with zero bloat.

✓ No indigestion, ever.

✓ No bacterial imbalances, ever.

We've all been a victim of the wellness industry. At The Confidence Co, we believe in self-care, but the kind that may include a cheesy piece of pizza or a bowl of pasta. With that said, even some of the healthiest foods happen to be some of the most difficult to digest, like kale salads for instance. We're just like you—we want our cake, and want to eat it too! 
     Meet our founder, Lexi— a girl who lives to eat. She attributes her love of food to her Italian roots. Growing up she was always haunted by an array of digestive issues. She accepted it as her normal— that was until she realized how many others shared her same plight.
    Finally fed up with her digestive troubles, she decided it was time to build a better relationship with her gut. Lexi was acutely aware of her body. She knew she was lactose intolerant, had a slight sensitivity to gluten, and struggled digesting foods high in sugar and fiber. One statistic she found staggering is that up to 65% of the United States is lactose intolerant. After discovering digestive enzymes, her struggles with digestion began to dissipate. She finally felt in control of her body. That's when she decided to team up with a group of experts to create her own premium proprietary digestive enzyme blend with the goal of disrupting the digestive space and helping others take back control and find their new normal.
    The Confidence Co was born.
    At The Confidence Co we believe that confidence comes from within, starting deep inside our gut. Our Digestive Enzyme Complex is thoughtfully made with globally sourced ingredients, and made for those who go.

    We're glad you're here!