Celebrating Our Second Birthday with Founder, Lexi Aiassa

We can hardly believe that The Confidence Co is two! This week marks our second birthday. To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with our founder, Lexi Aiassa, to get the skinny on year two. Keep reading to join the party. 


Congrats on your second year! Tell us about why you started Confidence.

LEXI: Time really does fly. This is the oldest story in the book, but my idea to start The Confidence Company came from a personal struggle. For my whole life, I believed that stomach issues were normal. All of my family and friends had them. It was a literal race to the bathroom after big family dinners when I was growing up. It felt like an accomplishment to get to the toilet first.

With that being said, fast forward to college days where I had chronic sinus infections, and took round after round of antibiotics, my stomach issue got even worse and worse, but still accepted it as my normal. It wasn’t until 26 after years of perpetual hurt, that I turned to a holistic doctor who taught me elimination and reintroduction with tactful supplementation. That’s when I discovered how integral gut health is and how I was wreaking havoc on my gut for so long. It was a turning point for me which inspired me to become a Holistic Nutritional Health Coach and start The Confidence Co. Knowledge is power, and The Confidence Co is here to inspire and create real change when it comes to rebuilding one's relationship with their gut.

What are a few milestones you've experienced over the last two years? 

LEXI: I call The Confidence Co, my baby. It requires as much love, work and time as I can provide on a daily basis. We re-launched and refreshed our website and launched our newest product, our Stomach Soother. This new product is a yummy chewable is made with all natural herbs, including Peppermint, Ginger, and Caraway Seed, to help calm an upset tummy after you eat. 

Personally, I gave birth to my other baby, my human Luca. Motherhood has been one of the most challenging, fulfilling and humbling experiences.

How has the business shifted since you began?

LEXI: Over the last year, we chose to slow down to speed up. Taking the time to understand the needs and desires of our customers is important to us and our intention is to run with those as we continue to build out the business.

What's a misconception about gut health or gut issues?

LEXI: That they aren’t common. 1 in 4 people struggle for gut related issues. It’s a chronic issue globally, and the blanket term IBS doesn’t address individualized issues or root causes.

Why is gut health important?

LEXI: I think the real question is, why is it not important? Your gut is your filter of the outside world. The health of your gut affects every other thing in your body. Your gut is scientifically proven to be your second brain. If you aren’t taking care of your gut, you aren’t taking care of your overall health.

What is your favorite part about being the CEO?

LEXI: Knowing that my baby, The Confidence Co, is helping at least one person that day. If we can make a difference through our products or shared information every single day, we have succeeded.

Describe how you take Confidence and what your favorite benefits are.

LEXI: To start my routine, I take confidence first thing in the morning with my vitamins and breakfast which lately has been rolled oats with honey and blueberries. After that I take Confidence with every meal depending on the size of the meal, 1 or 2 pills. Confidence is my secret weapon when I’m eating out and I always take 2 for an extra layer of protection given the unknown in many restaurants.

Confidence gives me the confidence literally (with the enzymes) and figuratively (mentally) to eat foods without fear. Fear of eating something and having to quite literally run to the bathroom while I’m out with friends or at a work lunch.

Tell us about the special gift with purchase.

LEXI: I'm so excited, for our birthday month (May) we are giving all of our customers a gift with purchase when they buy Confidence. This is our first iteration of our new product, the Stomach Soother, and we are excited to hear your feedback. It’s meant to be a soothing post meal remedy that also happens to freshen your breath. We call it a double whammy, cooling your tummy and tongue.

How are you celebrating this month?

LEXI: With so much gratitude for every single person who has supported us over the last two years. We wouldn’t be here without them.

May happens to be our birthday, but also Mental Health Awareness month. Our ethos and science connects the gut and brain. It is an important month for us at Confidence. To celebrate, I'm finding ways to check in with my mental health like practicing meditation and yoga and getting outside more. Not only does getting out into nature relieve stress and anger—it also changes your gut microbiota in a good way. Plus, the gut produces more of the feel-good hormone serotonin when you spend time outdoors. Check out more by reading our recent blog post here. 

What are you looking forward to the most in the year ahead?

LEXI: Every day, month and year I do what I love, only to make me want to work harder to make steps forward in normalizing gut issues and educating people on the importance of their gut health.

There are so many things in the works. I can’t wait to tease a few of them in the coming months. :)



From everyone at The Confidence Co, thank you to our community for an amazing two years. We're so excited to share what's in store. 

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