Confident Human: Sarah Gabrielle

Meet Confident Human, Sarah Gabrielle. She's passionate about holistic health and healthy living. We recently spent time with Sarah to get to know her a little bit better. 

Where I grew up, where I live now, & what I do:

I'm from a small town in New Jersey & had a lovely childhood. After finishing my bachelors in civil engineering & getting a taste of corporate life, I quickly realized it wasn't for me. I wanted to feel fulfilled and do something where I felt like I could help people. I took a year off, travelled, volunteered as an art therapist for youth at risk, painted, & meditated. Once I settled in Tel Aviv, I decided to start from scratch and shift my career to something I've always loved - holistic health. I'm now certified in Bach flower remedies and aromatherapy, and currently studying naturopathy (nutrition & medicinal herbs). I'm also the clinic manager at Ezun acupuncture clinic in Tel Aviv. My passion & goal is to ultimately help individuals heal naturally and come home to themselves.


Gut Health & Why it's Important:

Digestive health is so incredibly important for the overall health & functioning of our bodies. The state of our gut impacts our immunity, brain function, skin health, and hormones. Our gut health is largely dependent on us, and not just our genetics. Our digestive system is affected by sleep quality, stress, nutrition, and exercise. Therefore, it's so important for me personally to make sure I'm taking care of my gut by getting ample sleep, addressing stress & anxiety, nourishing my microflora with wholefoods, and making time for exercise.


3 Favorite Foods (& why):

Fresh Whole Coconuts - there's nothing more refreshing than sipping straight out of a fresh coconut on a hot day. The coconut water is filled with electrolytes and has a subtle but delicious flavor. The coconut meat has a slightly sweet & nutty flavor - it's filled with vitamins & minerals as well as healthy fats.

Dark Chocolate - my favorite treat, especially during that time of the month! Besides being a rich & decadent indulgence, dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and has many health benefits including brain function, heart health & stress reduction.

Sushi - definitely my favorite kind of meal. It's light, easy to digest, and has everything packed in one - protein, veggies & carbs. High quality seaweed & fish are also incredibly nutritious, and in my opinion so delicious!


Me as a "Health Foodie" & What it Means:

I've always been a foodie, adventurous in the kitchen, and a lover of quality cuisine. When I started my health journey years ago, I couldn't give up that part of my personality. So I transformed and channeled it towards creating healthy yet mouthwatering-ly delicious recipes! It started as a fun challenge for me and taught me that health does not have to be boring or bland, it can be as flavorful and tasty as anything else!


How Confidence Helps me Most:

After years of chronic stress (mostly my college years), I began to experience food sensitivities to wheat & dairy, indigestion, bloating after meals, and gas pains. Even after addressing my stress and taking steps to decompress, my symptoms persisted. I tried so many remedies and treatments but nothing ever really seemed to work that well. So when I came across the Confidence Co., I was blown away at how well it had worked for me & helped my digestion. Goodbye to the days of chronic bloating and indigestion!


Typical Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner:

In the mornings I like to start off with lots of water to rehydrate my body. For breakfast, I usually have an oatmeal bowl topped with berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc. - I switch it up depending on what's in season. If I have more time or if I'm craving something savory, I'll have sourdough toast, with sliced veggies, tahini, and poached or scrambled eggs. I try not to have my morning coffee on & empty stomach and usually wait until after breakfast.

For lunch, I like to go for something light but nourishing, like a nourish bowl or a sandwich on whole grain bread. I'm pretty busy throughout the day whether I'm in school or at work, so I like to eat foods that will give me energy and not tire me out. It's really important for me to listen to my body though, and if I'm craving something else I'll go for it.

For dinner, I like to have a warm filling meal like a bowl of curry and brown rice. I almost always have a small dessert like a homemade cookie or other baked goods I make without refined sugar or gluten. I also try not to eat too late at night to ensure optimal digestion.

Favorite Wellness Tips:

  • Find healthy habits you genuinely enjoy!
  • Don't be too hard on yourself
  • Consistency is key, but so is balance :)

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