Why Join?

Pregnancy and postpartum can feel exhausting, isolating and blissful all at once. Your family, partner, and friends may not be able to relate to what you are going through which can be a challenging transitory period for a new mama. That’s where Circle comes in.

If you have found yourself here, you’ve been referred by your peers as a founding member of an incredibly special community of women who are bonded by motherhood.

What Moms are Saying About CIrcle

Lexi and Confidence Circle has truly been one of the best things about my postpartum journey so far. Our meetings were a highlight of my week every single week. I looked forward to chatting with other moms and setting aside time for myself which is so needed as a new mom. I grew so much as an individual, mom and partner due to Confidence Circle and would absolutely recommend it. I can't say enough positive things about it! - Mychaela

What Moms are Saying About Circle

This cohort gave me tools and resources to rediscover my inner self through my new role of becoming a mom. The community it built combined with the weekly meetings, gave me so much encouragement and positive reinforcement! -Tatum

What moms are saying about circle

Lexi has a contagious positive energy about her and is the perfect guide to helping mothers navigate this new journey. She has constructed a curriculum that is well rounded and relevant. I initially hesitated joining because I generally am a person who just “gets on with things.” But postpartum and motherhood are journeys that deserve reflection. And I’m so glad I did, because in it I learned some new helpful tools, but most of all I made new friendships. -Camilla

Circle Offerings

  • Circle Community

    Confidence Circle is a place for mamas to find community throughout their pregnancy and postpartum journey.

    By becoming a member on an annual basis you will get access to:

    • A broad community of other mamas in similar or different stages of motherhood
    • Resources on pregnancy, postpartum, and baby milestones
    • Virtual Q&As on different topics sourced from the community
    • Guest Speakers
    • Events both virtual and IRL

    This is a perfect way to build community in a cost effective way and see if you would want to join one of the more intimate cohorts.

    Motherhood is one of the most fulfilling and challenging journeys a woman can embark on. Join and find your village with confidence.

    Join Circle
  • Pregnancy Cohort

    Congratulations, you are having a beautiful baby soon!

    Are you feeling ready for what comes next? If not, you are not alone. Pregnancy and postpartum can feel daunting and additional support should be encouraged for all mamas to be.

    Circle is a 4 session group program providing you:

    *Please note there are limited spots in each session to give each participant time for participation*

    • Community of other pregnant women
    • Mental preparedness for the 4th Trimester
    • A set Emotional Registry
    • Access to resources for birth plans, breastfeeding, postpartum nutrition, and more
  • Postpartum Cohort

    Postpartum can be a shock to all moms. It's exhausting, isolating and blissful all at once. Sign up ahead of time to ensure you have the support you need. I lead group sessions for first and second time mamas.

    Circle is a 12 session group program providing you:

    *Please note there are limited spots in each session to give each participant time for participation*

    • A close community of other postpartum mamas
    • Self-compassion, identity, and visualization exercises
    • Rotating assigned accountability partners
    • Creating boundaries & how to build your ideal support system
    • Access to resources for baby sleep, breastfeeding, postpartum nutrition, and more

Meet Lexi

Lexi is certified a postpartum, nutrition and hormone coach. She is mother to a toddler and is expecting another baby boy in March 2024. As a new mom Lexi struggled mentally, physically, emotionally and hormonally during her first year postpartum. Her goal is to create a safe place for moms to feel heard, appreciated, and prepared as they explore their new identity as a mother.