5 Ways to Turn Down the Inner Critic. How to Practice Self-Love.

Our thoughts can be a reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Turning down your inner critic may require you to lean into self-love.  A practice of accepting yourself fully, treating yourself with kindness and respect, and nurturing your growth and wellbeing. To turn down your inner critic, and practice self-love, keep reading.  Read more ›

Caring for Your Gut is Self-Care. Here are 5 Gut Health Rituals You Can Try

We view taking care of your gut (as well as your health), as an opportunity to practice self-care -- finding those rituals and practices that help nourish your mind, body, soul and spirit. To find your new gut health rituals, we have put together a list of our favorite gut health tips. Read more ›

The Self-Love Gift Guide

Practicing self-love can look different for everybody--it can mean listening to your body, slowing down and getting quiet, stretching and moving your body, speaking kindly to yourself, or a combination of all of those. To feel the love (for yourself), we have put together our favorite gifts to help you get started.  Read more ›

5 Ways to Express Yourself With Confidence

Embracing your authenticity through self expression can actually benefit your health. When you express yourself, you release stored up tension in  that you have been holding on to in your body. Releasing this tension can even reduce inflammation and pain. Learn 5 ways you can express yourself with confidence.  Read more ›

Why Balancing Your Gut Can Help Balance Your Well-Being

Balancing your gut health may have more benefits than you think. In addition to getting your digestive issues on track, balancing your gut can actually help contribute to your overall well-being including your physical and mental health. Why? Because the gut is considered the "second brain." Read this article to learn a few unexpected ways you can balance your gut and why that can help improve your overall well-being.  Read more ›

Five Ways to Cultivate More Balance in 2022

Feeling overwhelmed? If so, it may be time to find more balance in your life. Keep reading to learn six ways you can cultivate more balance. Read more ›

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