5 Things You Should Look for When Shopping for a Digestive Enzyme Supplement

Not all digestive enzymes are created equal. While you're shopping for a digestive enzyme, there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind. To help you decipher which enzymes are best for you, we've put together this helpful list of five things you should consider.

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Honoring Mental Health Awareness Month: 5 Gut Healing Practices that Ease Stress

May is Mental Health Awareness Month - a national movement that aims to raise awareness about mental health. Since the gut is known as the "second brain," we at The Confidence Co believe it's absolutely crucial to care for your mental health just as much as your physical (and gut) health. Keep reading to learn five ways you can heal your gut and help relieve stress.

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Celebrating Our Second Birthday with Founder, Lexi Aiassa

We can hardly believe that The Confidence Co is two! This week marks our second birthday. To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with our founder, Lexi Aiassa, to get the skinny on year two. Keep reading to join the party. Congrats on your second year.

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April is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness Month: What It Is & Why It Matters

April is IBS Awareness Month - an international observance that aims to spread awareness about IBS and encourages those who are suffering to get medical advice and treatment that they need to feel more comfortable and confident. Learn about what IBS is, some interesting facts, and how you can observe this month. Read more ›

7 Health & Beauty Female Founders That Are Changing The Game

There are plenty of female-founders that have created business that make personal health more accessible, create products that help us feel and look our very best, and educate us on how to live healthier and happier lives. Here are 7 of today's female founders that are changing the game across health and beauty. Read more ›

It's Women's History Month. Here's How to Honor Women's Achievements All Year Long

March is Women's History Month. While it's wonderful to acknowledge the achievement of women in March, we know we can do better. At The Confidence Co, we encourage everyone to celebrate, honor, and cherish women all year long. Here are 10 ways to help you get started.  Read more ›

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