What is Emotional Wellness & Why Does it Matter?

Your emotional well-being can have big implications on your overall health. October as Emotional Wellness Month so in honor of this important observance, we're bringing more awareness by sharing what emotional wellness is and why it matters. Keep reading to learn more! Read more ›

Feel More Confident When You Have IBS with These 8 Yoga Postures

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may be more common than you think. While there is no “cure” for IBS given the broad array or isolated issues that come with each individual’s diagnosis, which often is never addressed by medical professionals, there are some yoga postures to help ease a few of your IBS symptoms - particularly bloating and gas. To feel more confident when you have an IBS flare up, try these 8 yoga postures. Read more ›

How Common is IBS and What Makes IBS Worse?

An estimated 10% of people in the world and up to 15% of people in the US have IBS. Why do so many people have it? The culprit is likely our modern lifestyle. Learn about four modern-day threats that aren’t a friend to your intestinal tract. Plus, discover how to keep your digestion healthy even in the face of these threats. Read more ›

Tips to Confidently Start Your Week

Did you know that you have the choice to decide what kind of day (or week) you want to have? To start, when you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and consciously make that choice - whatever that is. To help ensure you confidently start your week off on the right foot, read these five tips. 

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10 Habits That Confident People Have, And You Should Too

Are they born with it or is their self-esteem something that they have developed over time? Is confidence innate or is it a practice that can be learned? We did a bit of digging and came to this conclusion: being confident is certainly something you can learn. What good news! Read to learn the 10 habits that confident people have, and you should too. 

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Food for Your Mood: How to Feel Happier By Changing Your Diet

Feeling low? That slice of pizza or that piece of pie might be to blame. Recent research points to sugar, gluten, and other dietary ingredients as culprits behind sad moods. Keep reading to learn what scientists have found out about the link between gluten, fats, sugar, and depression. Plus, find out how to be happier when you indulge in occasional cheats. Read more ›

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