Chelsea Glaser - Mindfulness, Adaptogens & Wellness at Work

In this episode we talk about how success at work is not a one size fits all; what are adaptogens; how mindful practice helped Chelsea maintain balance at home and work; why we should all try to be intentional with our energy and time; importance of honoring our inner creative; Read more ›

Victoria Garrick - Imposter Syndrome, Mental Health & Body Positivity

In this episode we talk about how giving a TedTalk ended up being a catalyst in Victoria's career (and it almost didn't happen!); her mental health journey and struggles with depression; the stress that comes with being a collegiate athlete; battling imposter syndrome; and more. Read more ›

Marcus Black - Because You Can

In this episode we talk about Marcus's childhood upbringing; the predator that is anxiety and not to suffer in silence; how no one can define your life but you; how witnesses the fight in sea turtles gave him perspective; and more.  Read more ›

Keith - Bipolar Disorder and a New Lease on Life

In this episode we talk about being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease; experiencing severe mania in college; being diagnosed as bipolar ; the highs and lows of bipolar disorder; how it can take years to find the right cocktail of medication for your diagnosis; and more. Read more ›

Audrey - How to Love Your Anxiety

In this episode we talk about learning how to embrace and love Audrey's own anxiety; how a neighbor gave her permission to listen to her body; what foods are common triggers of anxiety; how food can fuel or curb our anxiety; and food as medicine. Read more ›

Sierra - What the Gut?!

n this episode we talk about the microbiome(s) and its importance; the gut-brain connection; the gut-skin axis; and all things science in a digestible format. Read more ›

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