Brit - Finding Strength in Community & Starting a MVMNT

In this episode we talk about the pressures of quarantine; how loss led Brit's to an eating disorder; being diagnosed as bi-polar; how sexual assault led her to suicidal ideation; creating a community of storytellers at SpaceMVMMT; and more.  Read more ›

Alexandra - Human Design & Designing Your Life

This episode we will cover: what Human Design is; how Human Design can be used as a roadmap to uncover your unique gifts and strengths; how Human Design gives you permission to be more of yourself; and more.  Read more ›

Alex - Mysticism, Grief & Everything in Between

In this episode we talk about Alex's discovery of the gift of Claircognizance (Psychic Knowing) in her late twenties and in the middle of her corporate life; what it feels like to wake up and have no connection to the life she built for herself; what to expect from the cosmos in 2021; and more. Read more ›

Kiori - Healing from Chronic Illness

In this episode we talk about healing from mold & Lyme disease; overcoming the shame of living with chronic illness; accepting & loving your body as it is; how disease can create isolation; how speaking out opens new doors; why you should lean into what makes you feel powerful. Read more ›

Jill - Body Positivity

In this episode we talk about how assault stole a part of Jill's identity; the glamorization of one body type; normalizing all bodies; the impressionability of kids; how broken the judicial system is; and more. Read more ›

Polly - A Cause Worth Fighting For

In this episode we talk about Polly's diagnoses with stage III colorectal cancer at 21; going through early menopause; how cancer sparked her initial interest in the sex industry; her fundraising journey; the biases we face as female founders; owning your sexuality; statistics around sex education in school systems; and more.  Read more ›

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