Sierra - What the Gut?!

Meet Confident Human Sierra Simpson—a a scientist with a PhD in Neuroscience, a published author, artist, and founder of Brilliant Biome. She is changing the world as we know it when it comes to the understanding of our microbiome and the integral role it plays in our overall health. In a study published April 27, 2020 in eNeuro, Simpson and team discovered that the gut microbiome influences the pattern of activation in a rat’s brain during opioid addiction and withdrawal. Sierra's methodology of "hitting the problem with a hammer to see how the system breaks, then backtrack from there" makes her tenacity to solve problems unparalleled. How her dedication to making science for everyone has made her approachable and a true leader. In this episode we talk about the microbiome(s) and its importance; the gut-brain connection; the gut-skin axis; and all things science in a digestible format.

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