Marcus - A Uniquely Beautiful Life

In this episode we talk about how a unique upbringing can bring great perspective; Marcus's struggles after countless surgeries following a tragic car accident; the difference between physical and mental addiction; how mental strength is vital to recovery; how storytelling is a form of teleportation; and why confidence is the ultimate currency. Read more ›

Alessandra - Confidence is Crazy

In this episode we talk about Alessandra's mental health journey; experiencing her first panic attack on set; being finally diagnosed as bipolar; how medication should make you feel like you again; and how someone else’s story gave her permission to start sharing hers.  Read more ›

AMAC - Breaking the Stigma Around Therapy

In this episode we talk about AMAC's diagnosis with clinical depression; how someone else’s willingness to be vulnerable gave her permission to seek help; her experience with therapy; how hard it is to find a good therapist; how speaking openly led her to a job opportunity Read more ›

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