Why Confidence?

Designed to increase your ability to confidently eat a broader array of foods. With our food supply becoming increasingly difficult to digest, supplementing with digestive enzymes is a simple and effective way to enhance digestion. Digestive Enzymes offer you an extra layer of support to help you digest regular sized meals and more challenging foods.

How It



A detailed look into which

ingredient does what.

Breaks down protein

Protease, Endopeptidase

Breaks down gluten


Breaks down fat


Breaks down carbs

Lactase, Amylase, Invertase, Xylanase, Maltase

Stomach soothing herbs

Marshmallow Root Powder, Caraway Seed, Ginger Root Extract

Breaks down fiber

Alpha Galactosidase, Glucoamylase, Hemicellulase, Beta Glucanase, Pectinase, Cellulase, Phytase

Consistency is key to a healthy gut

Digestive enzymes work immediately, providing an extra boost to break down the food we eat. However, real progress doesn’t happen overnight. 

The goal is to improve your digestion by preventing inflammation, gas and bloating.

We recommend you take digestive enzymes with consistency. Our convenient subscription makes this easy and can put you on a path towards a strong and healthy gut.

Improve your digestion. Heal your gut. Live Confidently.


What to expect?


Many of the immediate symptoms of indigestion will begin to reduce: gas, bloating, irritations, and sensitivities. Note: Think of your gut like a muscle, the more you train it, the stronger you feel.



Your body will become increasingly more familiar and better equipped to absorb essential nutrients from foods. An internal study reported: flatter stomach, clearer skin, better moods, and so much more.


*Please note, individual results may vary. This timeline is not intended to represent or guarantee that an individual will achieve the same or similar results.

Committed to Progress

"I know my gut needs help and I'm ready to make a change."

2 Pack | 60 Count


The Super Gut

"I'm ready to eat like royalty and feel like royalty too."

3 Pack | 90 Count

*Recommended to start*

How Much To Take?

Whenever starting a new supplement it is important to start low and go slow; the key after all is to nudge your body by fine tuning it. If there is a slightly challenging meal sitting on the plate in front of you, one pill should suffice. If you are knowingly going to be indulging, then increase your dosage accordingly.

Listen to your body.

The Science Behind It

Did you know that doctors recommend for us to chew our food 30 times before swallowing? Our bodies naturally produce digestive enzymes to break down the foods we consume. As we age or routinely experience stress, our enzyme levels decrease causing indigestion and gut imbalances. Research has shown that digestive enzymes enhance and support digestion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why subscribe?

While taking digestive enzymes work immediately providing an extra boost to breakdown the food we eat, real progress doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency is key to a healthy gut.

Indigestion, gas and bloating is often a product of poor digestion. Instead of letting the cycle continue, subscribing to confidence. The Confidence subscription’s goal is to improve your digestion by training your gut microbes and turning your microbiome into a SUPER GUT.

How does my subscription work?

When you subscribe you will be asked to create an account. In case you forget, we send you a followup email asking you to activate your account after your first subscription purchase. Via your

How quickily will I see results?

You should feel better digestion almost immediately. We reommend trying our 3 box subscription for 3 months to clean out your gut irritant and start fresh. This will vary from person to person but should result overall in less bloat, less aches, less toxins, and better bowel movements. If you don’t get rid of the toxic load, you can become a toxic mess, which is not good for your health.

I am already taking a probiotic, can I also incorporate a digestive enzyme?

Yes, but generally it is best to take your probiotics in the evening away from food and enzymes. Enzymes can actually be harmful to probiotics when taken at the same time. Probiotics grow and enzymes break down.

How are these different from probiotics?

Probiotics are also known commonly as "friend" bacteria, and in rare cases yeast or other microbes. Probiotics are living organisms. Whereas digestive enzymes are just as their name describes enzymes that digest.