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Digestive Enzymes 101

What They Are And Why They Can Make You Calmer, Happier, and Healthier

Why should I care about “gut health”? 

Everyone talks about “gut health,” but what does that actually mean? Your GI tract is an amazingly complex conduit that nourishes and at the same time fortifies your body. Each meal we consume we welcome in substances that are either overtly friend or foe. This is different for everyone. One person’s friendly food may cause a reaction in another person. This is what’s known as food sensitivities or intolerances.
Gut health in the broadest sense means good digestion of your food and minimizing food sensitivities and overt allergies. It also means sustaining the trillions of friendly probiotics in your GI tract. This ensures your microbiome—the life sustaining bacteria in your GI tract—are balanced and thriving. When good bacteria thrive so do we. A messed up microbiome and gut can contribute to hormone imbalances, irritable and sad moods, and so much more.

What are digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes break down food to help your body absorb nutrients. They break down complex food molecules that, if left undigested, can act as irritants to your GI tract or prevent you from getting the full goodness and nourishment from a given food. You make digestive enzymes in your mouth, pancreas, and even small intestinal lining called the brush border.

Which digestive enzymes work on which types of foods?

Each digestive enzyme has a different function. Some break down protein, others fats (lipids)—even carbs need help. In addition to these basic enzymes, there are specialized enzymes to break down lactose (aka lactase) or beans (alpha-galactosidase). Beans are an extreme example of a challenging-to-digest food. You’ve probably suffered through the embarrassing result of eating too many beans.

If my body already produces digestive enzymes, why do I need a digestive enzyme supplement?

Your body is hard at work making enzymes. Yet, it’s not always enough to make up for all your dietary indulgences or a weak digestive tract. Some people seem to have “guts of steel” while others have sensitive digestive systems. Some of this may come down to genetics. Even so, most people find that certain foods require cautious eating.

What’s more, our food supply is becoming increasingly tough to digest. Historically our ancestors ate raw and lightly cooked food. Prepackaged food is a modern invention. Modern food is largely devoid of active enzymes and your body must work harder to digest it optimally. This means both your body and your microbiome are not fueled in the best way possible. In addition, as you age or experience stress, your enzyme levels decrease.

Supplementing with a well-designed and broad digestive enzyme supplement allows you to get the most nutrients out of each morsel consumed and improve your overall digestion. That means you reduce bloating, indigestion, gas, and other digestion-related issues.

How can digestive enzymes make me feel healthier?

Digestive enzymes break down complex food molecules that if left undigested can act as irritants to your GI tract. Poorly digested food also prevents you from getting the full goodness and nourishment from a given food.

The smaller you make the morsels of food you eat, the better your body is able to digest it. This allows your body to better use vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Chewing your food a lot before swallowing can work together with a good digestive enzyme supplement to break down the food.

Digestive enzymes can also support the health of people with food intolerances. That’s why some healthcare providers recommend digestive enzyme supplements to lessen the immune challenge of certain foods.

Are there any foods digestive enzymes won’t help digest?

Digestive enzymes won’t help you with extra-spicy foods, such as ghost peppers. Some things just scream DON’T eat me or else. Digestive enzymes also won’t protect you against severe food allergies.

Why Confidence Co Digestive Enzymes?

Our Digestive Enzyme Complex is a premium blend, allowing you to take less pills for great results. Our digestive enzyme supplement is vegan, and we selected enzymes that cover a broad array of food sensitivities. Confidence Co digestive enzymes are conveniently built with real life in mind. Slip the sleeves where the digestive enzyme pills are stored into your pocket or purse. They’re there for you when you need them the most.

What is the difference between a probiotic and a digestive enzyme?

Probiotics are also known commonly as "friendly" bacteria. In rare cases they are yeast or other microbes. Probiotics are living organisms that restore the natural balance of your gut bacteria, whereas digestive enzymes are just as their name describes: enzymes that digest.

I’m already taking a probiotic, can I incorporate a digestive enzyme?

Yes. Probiotics grow and enzymes break down. They’re a perfect pair and make a great 1-2 punch.

What is the gut-brain axis and why is it important to my health?

The gut-brain axis refers to the concept that by keeping your gut healthy, you’ll boost your mood and reduce stress. That’s because your gut makes serotonin and dopamine, brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that control happiness, calmness, and contentment.

Questions About Using Digestive Enzyme Complex

How many digestive enzymes should I take per meal and why?

Totally depends on you and your meal. Big meals generally need a little more help to digest. Plus, it depends on whether you’re eating foods you know really aren’t your friend.  

Is it possible for me to take too many digestive enzymes? What would happen?

Yes, if you take too many enzymes or if you have gastritis or an ulcer or uncontrolled acid reflux you can irritate your “inners,” the delicate tissues that make up your GI tract. Start with one capsule and listen to your body. When you listen to your body, you can’t go wrong.

Can I take Digestive Enzyme Complex with other supplements?

Yes. Unless you have been told otherwise by your medical provider.

How do I know it’s working? When will I feel something?

You should feel better digestion almost immediately. This will vary from person to person but should result overall in less bloat, aches, and toxins, and better bowel movements.

Should I take it with food?

Yes, ideally eat the first 1/3 of your meal, then take your enzymes.

Can I take it on an empty stomach?

You can, yet there is no food for the enzymes to work on, and you may increase the chance that they will irritate your stomach or other digestive tissues.

What is the serving size?

Generally 1 to 2 pills depending on how naughty you’re being with off-limit foods, size of the meal, and if you are chewing adequately.

Is this vegan? Gluten free?

This formula is vegan (unless you consider bacteria or yeast ferments off limits). It is gluten free.


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