The Perfect Poke Bowl

Poke is a go-to dish at The Confidence Co. They key to excellent poke is getting sushi grade tuna from the market, or even better, the...

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Confident Human: Sierra Simpson

Sierra Simpson may be dressed as a superhero in this photo, but it is appropriate because she's a real life superhero in our eyes. Here's why...she is a...

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Confident Human: Lindsay Butler

Meet Lindsay— a model and actress by day, an influencer and advocate for change by night. She is positive, inspiring, and not afraid to tap into her inner power. Her faith in...

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Confident Human: Arielle Estoria

Meet Arielle—a Spoken Word Poet, published Author, Dance Party Enthusiast, Emcee Event Host Speaker, Model, and Actress. Her vibrancy, pure soul, and ability to disarm anyone...

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Vegan Pine Nut & Pea Pesto

We are a company full of pasta lovers at The Confidence Co. Pesto is one of our favorite sauces to make. Whether you are vegan or just...

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Confident Human: Kelsey Salvatico

Meet Kelsey, she is a Board Certified Cosmetology Nurse Practitioner and skin expert. Her understanding of the microbiome and the gut-skin connection aligns with our mission at the The Confidence Co. ...

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